HOW-TO  - In the chart at the bottom of this page, you will find tutorials on all of these steps and more if you need them:

Logging into NoodleTools for the first time or Revalidating your existing account

Clicking on the NoodleTools app in the Universal Navigation Bar, navigating to the customized login page URL in a browser, or entering your Google email on the main login screen (under "Access via Google For Education") initiates the login process. You may be prompted to select your Google Apps account if you aren't already logged in, or you are logged in to multiple accounts. If this is not your first time logging in this way, you will be automatically logged in and see your Projects screen.

If this is the first time you have logged in through Google Apps, an intermediate screen gives you an opportunity to either create a new account or to link an existing account to this Google Apps login.

A.  Log in to NoodleTools through the button found within the Google Apps waffle. Note that the app button does not appear in the menu found under the Google home page (at You need to be in another Google App, like Drive.


B.  Log in to NoodleTools on by entering your Google email address under the "Access via Google For Education" area of the main login screen (on the right side).

Linking to a previously-created account

The intermediate screen below comes up the first time you log in through Google Apps, and gives you an option to link to a pre-existing account. Your Google ID and the name of your school's subscription will already be filled in. By default, "I have an existing NoodleTools account" is selected. 



If you have an existing account you want to use, enter the ID and password associated with your existing account and click Submit. Your Google ID will now be associated with your existing NoodleTools account, and you will see your projects when you log in.

Creating a new account

Alternatively, if you are new to NoodleTools or no longer need your old work, choose the Create a new account option on the screen and select whether you are a student or teacher. ClickSubmit.



On the Update Profile screen, select your graduation year and click Save Profile.



This will generate a new (empty) NoodleTools account in the system.



C. Next create your project, by following these steps:

       1. Click on link (top right) for +New Project.

       2. Select MLA Style, Junior Level.

       3. Name your project - example:  Research Inquiry - Teacher's Name.

      4. Click on Create Project.

*Reminder* you only create one project per assignment. Use that specific folder until the entire project is done.

**Create a new project for the next assignment.**  


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