Rules & Procedures

Thomas Jefferson Middle School Library Media Center


Library Media Specialist: Ms. Tara Collins                                         
Library Associate: Mrs. Usha Naik
The Library Media Center is designed as a hub of active learning. Not only do we provide resources to students and teachers, we also offer lessons on information literacy. In a comfortable setting with carpet and plush seating, children enjoy old favorites and can use their imaginations to discover new worlds. 

The Library MediaCenter houses over 15,000 items, including Classics, Reference resources, videos, and access to new media as well as periodicals. We have a right to use databases and websites previewed by educators. 


→All school rules apply in the library.

→No food, gum, candy, or drinks in the library.

→Work quietly at all times.



1st incident – correction requested

2nd incident – warning given

3rd incident –detention and/or  referral to office


Library Procedures


Entering the library

Enter quietly.

You must sign-in if you are visiting the library without a teacher.

Bring proper and necessary materials; be sure to have a pencil.

If using a computer you must sign in for the computer too.

Using the Library

→ All students may request a pass during homeroom for library access during lunch. 
→ All students may browse and check out books.  
→ Bring your selections to the circulation desk.

Books removed from the shelves that you do not want should be placed into the book drop at the Circulation Desk before leaving.

Exiting the library

Clear the tables of all materials.

Wait to be dismissed.

Push in chairs at your table.


Computer Use in the Library


Computers are to be used for educational purposes only (district Acceptable Use Policy[AUP] applies).

You must sign in for the computer.

You may print only if you have permission to do so.

You may change the program that you are working on with permission only.

Students must obey copyright laws.


Emergency procedures

In any emergency situation, remain quiet and follow our instructions!