Media Squad

Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Media Squad - Library Volunteers

Thomas Jefferson School Library is an active and constantly changing place. We strive to make it an inviting place for students to work and relax, but for it to be successful we need student volunteers.

Library duties may include:

- Shelving books (This is where we need the most help, so it's what you'll be doing most of the time!)

- Running errands

- Dusting and cleaning

- Helping other students find books

- Organizing library materials, creating displays

On days where there is little to do, you will play library-related games to hone your book shelving skills or read.

Supervisor: Ms. Collins, LMS                  Media squad meets in the school Library Media Center (Rm 236.)


Activity schedule: One Wednesday per month after school (dismissal-3:25)  to train on the library equipment and plan events. Media Squad members work in the library after school on their assigned Tuesday, Wendesday or Thursday (dismissal-3:25.) All students must have good class standing to participate. Media Squad runs any time the library is open until June 1, 2016.

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