TJ COW Calendar

Please use the calendar below to view open COW's for use in your classroom.
All sign-ups must include the Cow #, Your Name, Room Assignment, # of Students in the class & Period.

e.g.  Cow 2 Dewitt rm 234 (25) Period 1 

Only sign up for the periods you need to use the COW. (It may be needed by others throughout the day)

When you are done with the COW, place all laptops on the cart with the battery packs plugged in. Return the COW to its assigned homeroom. Plug it in & make sure it is charging. 

Home Room Teacher



Ms. Collins Library All

236 Library stationary

Cow 1 (25)

Mr. Dewitt SS

234 (SS dept. floater) Cow 2 (24)

Mr. Altorfer SCI

133 (SCI dept. floater)

Cow 7 (24)

Mrs. Anicito SCI

231 (SCI dept. floater)

 Cow 9 (24)

Mrs. Francis ELA

216 (ELA dept. floater)

Cow 10 (24)

Mrs. Bohny SS

218 (SS dept. floater)

Cow 12 (24)

Mrs. Hurley ELA

208 (ELA dept. floater)

Cow 13 (24)

Mrs. Aguila WL

123 (WL dept. floater)

Cow 14 (24)

Ms. Erb Dynamic Math

100 stationary

Cow 6

Mr. Cecconi Dynamic Math

101 stationary Cow 3 

Mr. Trento Dynamic Math

128 stationary

Cow 11 (24)




Cow 13 (25)